Friday, 6 August 2010

Lizard Poetry Society

Today is the day that Pookas metamorphosed (back) into Lizards. Come one, come all. Here's a blurb for your delectation:

The Lizard Poetry Society is a new Newcastle-based poetry collective. These are indeed early days for us, and our initial goal is to involve as many people as possible in an exchange of thoughts and ideas about poetry (our own writing and poetry in general), and about poetry in Newcastle, a city with a proud heritage in that field.

Phase 1: “Words + Cake”, an informal though focused weekly meeting (see Events, above) in the centre of town, centred on sharing our words and imaginations (and on eating cake), but also incorporating any and all grander schemes that occur to us.

Phase 2: Well… please come along and help us work out the finer details. Poetry Readings. Miscellaneous Publications. This blog. Startling Multimedia Adventures. Etc. Etc. All ideas are welcome, indeed encouraged, as the Lizard Poetry Society is ultimately a means by which to gather together the poets and poetry lovers of the city, the region, and for that matter anywhere else in the universe, to enjoy, encourage and share in all things poetic.

Join us if you can, and/or get in touch here, via email (, or via our Facebook group (just search for Lizard Poetry Society).

Peace To You All,

The Universal Lizard