Thursday, 22 May 2008

if only everything was the cinema

Othello at the Buryat-
-Mongolian Театра,
Ulan Ude. Gambo
Tsidenjapov as Othello,
Maria Stepanova as Desdemona.
-teen Thirty-Eight.

Txt Msg

Shakey's a filthy
wee bastard but
i reckon i can
handle one a year

Poem on the Back of Jack's Face

Give me your lost ones
any day of the week
the ones who look to the sky
but shuffle their feet
Give me your mild, your meek
for they shall inherit
you'll find me among the helpless
and weak

Give me your burned
they've their lessons learned
They've experience in their eyes,
but, alas, no alibis.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

London - Verse One

This a poem I might try and write over a few installments, charting my unpleasant stay in London.
This is the first installment, upon which I discover my flat in London is inhabited by individuals of dubious nature and questionable morals, especially regarding dairy produce. It's not very elegant, or beautiful, but it's from the heart damn it.
You can kind of sing this verse to the tune of 'I want a party' from Charlie and The Chocolate factory.

I live in a crack den in Camden,

Those crack fiends stole most of my cheese,

They invited me to their crack party,

A party of cocaine and thieves.

Friday, 16 May 2008

childhood trauma

well I’m onto the almost come off now
missed the pavement
tripped fast high and ceiling shallow off a fourth floor flat
while weeing from the window ledge
snakes below nursed their young
snakes bellowed buzzard’s eggs into an eagle’s nest
with a taint of utility
and wee

Friday, 9 May 2008


A used condom lying on the pavement.
It fell out a pocket
Someone forgot it
A tender love locket